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August 12th, 2023

Nicole + Kara's love story began in the most modern of ways, on Hinge. While they were both skeptical of dating apps, they couldn't be luckier to have met one another. When they matched, they immediately hit it off and talked all day, every day. From the moment they met, they've been inseparable.

Nicole wanted to take Kara to the spot where they first met to propose. This first meeting started with a funny mixup that led them to a house with hearts projected on it, a spot they now call the "Heart House". It was 7 degrees outside (though it felt like -2), but Nicole was committed. After proposing and getting a yes, Nicole + Kara decided it was time to head back home because they couldn't feel any of their limbs.

This takes us to their wedding day, August 12th, 2023 at Mayfair Farm in Harrisville, NH. It was such a beautiful spot for these two to celebrate their love for one another. They got ready for part of the day just feet apart with a barrier between them so they wouldn't see each other. This allowed for a beautiful moment between the pair when they shared in a first touch inside the barn before exchanging letters to one another. Up the hill Nicole + Kara made things official before heading back to the barn to celebrate the night away with their closest friends and family.



Venue - Mayfair Farm

Florist - Billies & Tilli

Makeup - Lustre & Waves

DJ - JetSet Sounds

Photography - Solare Wedding Photography

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