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August 27th, 2022

As Marissa + Paul put it, their love story began just like any common modern-day love story, through social media.


In the middle of a typical workday, Marissa found herself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram when she stumbled upon a post of Paul's. She couldn't help but think how cute Paul still looked after all these years. Although they had been aware of each other's existence for over 15 years, their interactions had never surpassed a mere "hi" or "how are you". Curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to add Paul on Snapchat, hoping that it would lead to something more. When Marissa initially added him on Snapchat, Paul didn't think much of it.

Three days later, on an early Sunday morning, Marissa was abruptly awakened by the sound of sirens and engines. It turned out that her neighbors had called the fire department, suspecting a gas leak in their house. Peeking out of her window, she noticed Paul, dressed in his fire uniform, rushing to work. Realizing this was her chance to strike up a conversation with her crush, Marissa hastily got out of bed, quickly got dressed, and headed outside. However, by the time she made it outside, the fire engines had already departed.

Undeterred by the missed opportunity, Marissa continued her attempts to catch Paul's attention on Snapchat. She sent him pictures of sunsets, her mom's new puppy, and other random shots, hoping to make a connection. Occasionally, Paul would respond with a snap, but their conversations never seemed to lead anywhere. That is until that fateful Sunday night.

Paul was still on duty when he snapped a picture of a bumper sticker he encountered while attending a call. Thinking it would be the perfect opening, Marissa responded. To her delight, Paul quickly replied, sparking a conversation between them, delving into their lives since high school, the last time they had any meaningful interaction. Recognizing the limitations of Snapchat messaging, Marissa suggested they switch to texting and shared her number with Paul.

After just a couple of days, they spontaneously planned a weekend trip to Stowe, Vermont, where they hiked, indulged in delicious cheese, and enjoyed fine wine. Their bond grew stronger, and in January, they took the leap and moved in together, finding nothing but happiness in each other's company.

Paul attended a Bruins game with his brother-in-law, Tim. As they talked, Tim asked how things were going with Marissa, prompting Paul to reflect on just how well everything was actually going. Inspired by the thought, he began formulating a plan to propose. After careful planning, Paul visited his mother's jeweler where he happened to find the perfect ring.

Marissa + Paul got engaged on July 5th, 2021 at Coughlin Park in their hometown of Winthrop, MA, surrounded by their families. Their wedding, August 27th, 2022, was the second anniversary of their first date. They got married at the beautiful Omni Mount Washington Resort on an absolutely beautiful summer day, with the clouds clearing up enough to have Mount Washington clearly visible. It was the perfect backdrop for these two to say their ‘I Dos’. Inside the air conditioning, Marissa + Paul were able to celebrate their love for one another with their closest friends and family with great food, great toasts, and a whole lot of dancing!


Venue - Omni Mount Washington Resort

Photography - The Ewings Studio

DJ - Get Down Tonight Entertainment

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