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October 21st, 2023

From the initial inquiry from Lisa + Derek we knew this wedding was going to be one for the ages. After hearing about their vision for their wedding during our first call we couldn't help but feel the excitement ourselves. While we contained our enthusiasm while going through the booking process, we finally let loose when they chose us to be their wedding videographers. A full weekend of New England fall in a beautiful location, Ogontz in New Hampshire. Let me tell you, mother nature didn't disappoint.


Okay well that's not completely true. The pouring rain and colder weather threatened to put a damper on the weekend, but this couple and their guests were not going to let that happen. While we did get a few breaks in the rain so everyone could enjoy everything Ogontz had to offer, Lisa + Derek leaned into the rain and made it an unforgettable weekend. A couple who sees the tremendous value in their wedding films and who is willing to do whatever it takes to make the most epic wedding film ever? Sign us up!

An amazing welcome dinner Friday night with a few great toasts followed by a whole lot of fun in the rec room set the tone for the weekend. The energy carried over into Saturday morning where Lisa + Derek got ready to make things official, with a beautiful gift exchange before sharing an incredible first look outside of the picturesque boat house. Ogontz raised the bar, live cutting trees all morning to use to decorate the interior of the already stunning hall.


While an outdoor ceremony was the goal, mother nature had other ideas. Honestly though, it felt right having the ceremony inside and everything looked incredible. The staff at Ogontz were able to quickly flip the hall from a ceremony space to a reception space which played host to some more amazing toasts, some incredibly special dances, and a whole lot of partying. This wedding wasn't about to let that party stop, however, making their way up post-reception for yet another after party in the rec room.

While most couples use Sunday to recover from the wild weekend, Lisa + Derek had other plans. Why not get completely dressed up in your wedding attire to go on an adventure in the cold, pouring rain?! While the weather wasn't exactly what we wanted, it contributed to the beauty that Ogontz had to offer.


While Lisa + Derek had every reason to bail on the idea, call it quits early, and pout about the weather, they put smiles on their faces and dove out into the elements with us, embracing every last rain drop. An absolutely legendary portrait session followed. From a trip up to the top of the world where we stood on the edge of a mountain looking out over the breathtaking fall foliage of the White Mountains to a canoe ride on the lake to taking a dip in the wood fired hot tub, this adventure really had it all. While we didn't get everything accomplished we may have wanted, we got some incredible footage we can all enjoy from the dry, warm comfort of our own homes for the rest of our lives.

The love Lisa + Derek have for one another was on display all weekend. Through all of the trials and tribulations the wedding weekend brought, they stood by one another, smiles on their faces, taking it all in and facing the good, the bad, and the ugly together. They compliment each other perfectly, they know what the other needs and when, and they are simply two of the nicest people you will ever meet. While no film we put together could ever do this wedding weekend justice, we did our best.



Venue - Ogontz

Photographer - Maypole Studios Photography

Dress - Christinna's Bridal

Florist - Glass Onion Floral Design

Band - Silver Arrow Band

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