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June 3rd, 2023

Deirdre first saw Eric as he entered their Stonehill dorm wearing his #33 Celtics jersey. "You didn't hear? He's Larry Bird's nephew" a mutual friend told her when she asked who he was. She believed it for way too long. While they were both studying abroad, Deirdre visited Eric's Sydney apartment carrying a case of Budweiser. They were just friends, but Deirdre swears that's the moment Eric fell in love with her.


The week before graduation, Deirdre brought Eric to Red River beach on Cape Cod -- her "happy place". After a pair of Corner Store burritos and some lukewarm Rolling Rock, they decided that graduation day wouldn't be the end of their story. Seven years later, to the day, Eric arranged a picnic of his own in Camden, Maine. He found his opening when she spilled her hard cider all over herself. Using the distraction to grab a ring box from his jacket, he got on one knee, made his case, and hoped for a "yes." He got it.


Deirdre + Eric celebrated their love for one another at Bethel Inn in Maine. While it threatened to rain most of the day, it held off for us, providing a beautiful overcast day. That didn't stop the jokes about Deirdre's company, Dri, from making their way into the celebration on more than one occasion. As the sun dipped below the trees things moved inside to the warmth of their reception space where everyone celebrated late into the Maine night.



Venue - The Bethel Inn Resort & Suites

Photography - Cherith Bell Photography

Rentals - BB's Events & Rentals

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