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Alyssa + Andrew | New Hampshire Wedding

"Wow…. I just re-watched the video for at least the 99th time and it still makes my heart glow. Alex this is amazing and we are so lucky to have found you. We went back and forth about a videographer for a little bit as I am sure most people do. We chose to do it because of our daughter, we shared that with Alex and he captured it so beautifully. I don’t regret having film one bit, and I know everyone says that so why? I feel like I re-live my wedding each and every time I watch this highlight and as stated above I have watched it at least 99 times... And because the 1.5 hours of raw footage was included, I actually get to relive my wedding, all the sound and candid conversations that I would have never remembered (some more embarrassing than others)… So yeah I expected the video to be special, but it is hard to explain just how special it truly is. From the very beginning we were impressed by Alex’s talent to capture beautiful moments and angles that highlight the romance. And wow did he do that. Alex, we both loved working with you during the wedding and we absolutely treasure your final product. Thank you for capturing all the feels of our magical day - we will cherish it for the rest of our lives." - Alyssa + Andrew

Alyssa + Andrew tied the knot at Harbor Camps in southern New Hampshire. With the camp sprawling across acres of land right on a lake, the bride and groom got ready for their evening ceremony. The perfect summer night under the beautiful lights made this ceremony as unique as they come. With their daughter joining them for their first dance, Alyssa + Andrew celebrated the rest of the night with the rest of the guests well into the cool New Hampshire night.

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